I just created a macro in order to accomplish what I described in my original post in this thread that I wanted to do, using the calls you mention here above (and also by looking more in the help for additional flags etc). I now have a macro containing only this line:

document.Filter(document.selection.Text, -1, eeFindContinue | eeFindNegative);

and I have also connected a shortcut key combination for this.

When selecting some text and then calling this macro from the shortcut key though, the filter level is indeed added to the Advanced Filter dialog, but it is still not applied to the text contents I’m currently working with?

How can I “execute”/apply the filter from the macro too? (as you can understand, it’s of course not much use to be able to create the filter from a macro if I still have to go into the Advanced Filter dialog manually to press the Filter button afterwards)

Lately, your forum has been VERY slow when processing login requests. It can take 10-60 seconds to complete a login, and many times it just times out completely. Today I had a very hard time logging in at all, getting only timeouts for very many tries until it finally let me in on like the tenth try or so. Please take a look at this if possible.