I see. The problem is that this design of the Advanced Filter macro interface makes is impossible to perform incremental filtering (i.e. adding one filter level at the time while viewing the results inbetween), doesn’t it?

What I want to be able to do is to filter out all the lines containing some certain string, then review the results, then filter out all the lines containing some other certain string in these, then review the result, then… See what I mean?

This would either require some macro operation of the kind “document.FilterAddLevel(…)” (which would preserve the current advanced filter, while still executing it as soon as the given new filter level has been added to it) or another command like “document.FilterExecute()” which could be used inbetween “Filter()”-calls that have the “eeFindContinue” flag set, right? Because as it is right now, either the filter is reset, or not executed at all if I try to add filter levels incrementally like this, which in both cases makes it impossible to perform incremental filtering?

Or is there some clever solution that I’m missing?