Thanks for the explanation! I understand what you’re saying, but luckily there are several good solutions for it, where the best one is probably to never actually refresh the filter until a macro exits completely (or, in the most likely quite rare special-cases where it is really needed, a special “ForceFilterRefresh()” method that you can provide is called explicitly from within the macro).

It would be really great if you could do either that, or just implement the “eeKeepPreviousFilterLevels” flag (in addition to “eeFindContinue” that is), as you so kindly offered in your last post, because otherwise the “incremental filtering” that I need won’t be possible to implement at all with macros, which would be a real shame, and something that probably many other people than me would miss too in the long run.

Thanks again, really looking forward to the next update now! :-)