Hello Yutaka,
thanks for feedback!

1) Yes, question about “Embedded newlines” is answered.


>> “Match Embedded Newlines in CSV” check box from the Find dialog box <<

I think, after some more tests I understand this now:

This option works as a limitation to match CSV line breaks (MJ) ONLY,
and ONLY if we are in one of the CSV modes.
It will not match ANY line break if this option is enabled for Normal mode.

With out that option enabled, search for line breaks will match everywhere.

(tested with above Stack Overflow example and RegEx search for “ul.+?ul”)

So I understand it as “Match CSV Embedded Newlines only”


me think the “Match Embedded Newlines in CSV” check box
should be located under “Customize > CSV”
and not in the main Find dialog,
as that is an option only a few would need in an text editor.


>> Switching to “Normal Mode” only the first lineS are restored to multi-lines. <<

Some more investigation to the bug mentioned in my above first post:

After a few tests, it seams, always only the last five/ten lines
are involved and not transfered back to multi line mode.

If I add for an test some more “last” lines,
the before last lines are transfered back correctly now.

It seams your for statement if off by some indices?

Thanks for making EmEditor.