Also thanks for the link to Word-split function. Learned something new (also some new shortcuts, great!)


Also thank to The stardust Kanata for making that plugin.

Only I don’t get it working on 15.1.2, 32-bit portable
– copy SplitBox.dll to plugin folder
– launch EmEditor
– Tools > Plugins > Customize Plugins > Add > SplitBox.dll
I see now Tools > Plugins > <some japanisch words (Split box reset)>, but I can’t enable the plugin.
It just does nothing after clicking on it. I don’t see that little handles on the scroll bars.
Any help?
Any change to translate it to English?

Thanks for making EmEditor.

————- Translated Japan to English strings:
101 Split box reset
102 Reset and split box and scroll bars to redraw.\n split box reset
103 Split box
104 Version 1.0.1 written by The stardust Kanata
105 SplitBox