Thanks for the reply about the green-coloring! May I ask though what the purpose is for skipping the green-coloring if a search match contains a newline? Aside from being confusing in general with such an inconsistency, it’s actually even more useful to have the search-matches colored when using a (multi-line or non-multi-line) regexp than when searching for static strings (since the search results can be harder to anticipate with a regexp). Would you therefore consider implementing this coloring also in cases when newlines are included in the search-results?

Regarding your reply to the second issue though (“The Filter feature will not search for a newline”), I think you may have misunderstood my question? I’m not using the filter to for this search, I’m only filtering out some rows first and then use the regular search feature in EmEditor on the resulting remaining data, which then fails as described above. It therefore still seems to me that this is a (quite serious) bug, i.e. that multi-line searches fail when performing them on filtered data?