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Ahh, think I’m supposed to use macros… had a go at it but not really sure what I’m doing :/
Gave up and used AutoHotkey with the Textfile & String Library

#Persistent Force
#SingleInstance Force
#Include TF.ahk
Loop, Files, E:\SAMPLES\TAL Sampler\Zampler RX\*.sfz, R	; recursively loop sfz files
    file := A_LoopFileFullPath	; gets full directory
    SplitPath file,, dir				; splits out filename
    SplitPath dir, dir				; splits out last folder name
    F = !%A_LoopFileFullPath%	; enable file overwriting
    UpdatedRelativePath = sample=..\..\..\..\Audio\MULTISAMPLES\Zampler\%dir%\ 	; path with current folder

    TF_Replace(F,"sample=", UpdatedRelativePath)	; TF_Replace(Text, SearchText, Replacement="")