Patrick C

With respect to: to fully replace Windows Notepad
Automatically setting file type associations under Windows 10 is no longer as simple as it used to be. Several other programs I use have also given up on this and EmEditor’s built in function also doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10.
My preferred approach to setting associations is by (text file example; ditto for .reg etc):
● Right click → Open With → Choose another app → Select your app (might require selecting the .exe’s location) + Tick “Always use this app to open .txt files”

it’s settings are all over the place and it doesn’t seem to have command line support for restoring them all at once
I’m not entirely sure whether you are referring to EmEditor’s “fresh out of the box” settings or your custom settings and toolbars.
With respect to custom settings and toolbars: I agree that backing these up and restoring these is a pain. Custom macros are even worse, so I would very much welcome a more streamlined approach.
With respect to EmEditor’s default settings: Hit ctrl+Q; type “reset all” → select the “reset all settings” command and execute “run this command”

Hope some of this helps.