zmeskalk wrote:

– search window preview (with line numbers
and click to go to the line in editor)


Point 1 can be check-marked as solved I think.

Yutaka wrote:

Stefan > Display result
of “Find All” in current file
to output bar.

Yutaka > You can use the “Find in Files” and
search only the current file with the Use Output Bar option.

Stefan > Sorry, I don’t know how to do this.

In Find in Files dialog box,
by the File types dropdown list,
please click the “>” button,
then click “Current File”,
to show the current file name.

You can then click “>” again
and click “Save as Default”
if you want to save this settings.

That really works! Thank you Yutaka!

you must have an already existing file to let this work.
For just fresh created Untitled* documents this feature is greyed out.

On an click at [Find] you will get a click-able list of lines with matched finds.

With “[X] Use Output Bar” enabled you will get that list in the “View > Output” -panel
With that option disabled you will get a new document with that output.

If you click at the hyperlink in such a line you will be forwarded to that line in the corresponding file.


A search for “but” in zmeskalk will output:

H:TEMPUntitled.txt(1): I’m not sure that this feature aren’t implemented but I can’t find it:
H:TEMPUntitled.txt(6): – inverse delete (lines in line mode) – delete all but not matches

Solved, zmeskalk ?