Yutaka Emura

scanreg wrote:
Is it possible to have true “0” margins – top, left, right, bottom

This might help in sending pure ascii to the special printer, mentioned in this thread:


It seems that if we can get true 0 margins all the way around that this might work.

The config got it down to 0.12 (or near that) for L, R, T, B for a “Letter” size in Page Config

Also, what would it cost to have this capability custom created?

The editor seems to work for us very nicely otherwise.

Thanks very much

Even if you choose 0 margins, EmEditor still send printer graphically; Not pure characters. I think all Windows programs, even Notepad, send graphical data to printer. I have never tried, but you might want to try the Command line box, and then type

TYPE filename > PRN

This works in the old DOS box.