Yutaka Emura

angel123 wrote:
I have some suggestion to the emeditor.
First, i know emeditor have included many hotkeys for the function. But i find that it really conflict with other programs.
If i find and disable that hotkey which is conflicted. I think it need many time to do it. So i suggest there is a checkbox to enable/disable all hotkey.

Second because now wide lcd is low-price and the user will increase. I suggest emeditor can set 2 or more tab horizontal in ONE view

Third it may be added the favorite function so we can bookmark and run the file fast


You can enable or disable shortcut keys from Configuration Properties and Keyboard tab. You can also go to this dialog box from the Help menu > Keyboard Map. You cannot enable/disable all shortcuts at once, but you could do by writing a macro.

You can also put any favorite files to any menu by writing a macro.

I might think about redesigning the dialog boxes. Thanks!