Yutaka Emura


The only option we have is “Enable Text Drag and Drop” check box on the Mouse tab of the Customize dialog box, but this is not related to the issue you described. Plug-ins can have something to do with this issue, so can you disable plug-ins if you have installed plug-ins other than default installed plug-ins?

If you still have issue, I would restart Windows. If you still have the issue after restarting Windows, can you export all your settings to .REG files from Tools menu > Import and Export > Export all settings into a registry, and then uninstall EmEditor, make sure all files in the C:Program FilesEmEditor are deleted, restart Windows, and then install the newest version of EmEditor? Can you also please zip the reg files and email me at tech@emurasoft.com? I would like to reproduce the issue here.

Thank you!