Yutaka Emura

yaot wrote:
To: Yutaka San
Cc: All

(1) We know that the backslash has two display style, one is “\”, the other one is “¥”
(2) On a machine equipped by Japanese OS and IE7, I install the software Emeditor, then we create following html file


then save as “EUC-JP” encoding;
(3) We click the “WebPreview” Plug-ins button, then in WebPreview window, it displays as “-~¥日”, but if I just delete “-” or just delete “~” or just delete “日”, the backslash changes to be displayed as “\”, how does’t this happen? Please help me; Thank you very much!

PS: Maybe this is not the problem of Emeditor, but I still hope to get the help from you; Thank you very much!

I reproduced your issue, and it is very strange. It is not a bug of EmEditor as you know, but I think it is just a display issue in Internet Explorer. If you want to show a yen mark all the time, you might want to select a true Japanese font such as “MS Gothic” in your

tag. Then you will see ¥ all the time.