Posted on: 4/17/2013 1:12 am
EmEditor Professional v13 beta (12.9.0) released!

$(AppDir), $(AppDrive), and $(Clipboard) parameters
were added to the External Tool Properties.

Thank you Yutaka.

Tested an it works as indented.

Any change the ${} equivalent form
will be added to the Snippets Plugin too?

– – –

Examples for $(AppDir)and $(AppDrive) on Tools:

– having EmEditor on an Thump-Drive:
– having an compiler or interpreter there too:
– you want to call that tool from within EmEditor
but the drive letter of the USB drive changes on every PC
so you can’t just point to U: always?

One way is to use this new parameter $(AppDrive)
which points to the current drive letter EmEditor is started from:

If you have your tool in an sub folder of the EmEditor folder
and you don’t want to work with relative paths because that
always confuse you, you may want to use the new parameter
$(AppDir) which point to the folder EmEditor is started from: