zmeskalk wrote:

– search window preview (with line numbers and click to go to the line in editor)

To display all found lines as click-able links in the output bar
works only with ‘Find in files’ method.
Unfortunately this doesn’t works with ‘normal’ single file find method.
I have missed this myself.

I think the way EmEditor goes is utilizing [Bookmark All]

And then use the bookmark commands to jump between lines.
(don’t ask me what to do if you already used bookmarks for other issues in that file. You have to clear them beforehand.)

zmeskalk wrote:

– search in line mode (select whole line when match found on line)

One would use regex find to match your search string and everything around I guess:
(?-s)^.*string to find.*$

zmeskalk wrote:

– copy all matches (or lines in line mode) to the clipboard

Press Ctrl+C after search is done.

zmeskalk wrote:

– delete all matches (or lines in line mode)

Press Del key after search is done.

zmeskalk wrote:
– inverse delete (lines in line mode) – delete all but not matches

Again you can go the bookmark road.

More bookmark commands are hidden in the “Tools > All Commands… >> Edit > Bookmarks” menu.

History wrote:

EmEditor Professional v13 beta 7 (12.9.6) released!
Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13 beta 7 (12.9.6).

Updates from beta 6 include:
– Cut Bookmarked Lines, Copy Bookmarked Lines, and Select Bookmarked Lines commands were added.
– The Prompt when End of Document is Reached check box was added to the Search tab of the Customize dialog box.
– The Save Settings check box was added to the Open dialog box.
– When a user clicks on the left edge or the line numbers, a menu related to bookmarks appears now.

See http://www.emeditor.com/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=12

You can also use the new “Quick Launch” feature in v13, see
to find all bookmarks commands.

So you could use:
* “Edit > Bookmarks > Clear”
* Search
* [Bookmark All]
* Invert Bookmarks
* Delete bookmarked lines
* Extract to new file

You can modify every menu or create a pop-up menu
to collect all wanted commands to a single place.