Yutaka wrote:
Environment variables are not supported for the Backup folder. If this is something you desire, I will add this feature in future versions.

Well, since i use EmEditor portable
i just want to make this path portable too,
and pointing it e.g. to user profile folder
(You know: no matter if user is stefan or admin)
Or to a other partition which is defined by
an own created env var \%Backups\%.

But at least we can use relative paths here:
[ .Backups ]

So i can life with that but to make EmEditor even more portable
i want to suggest to respect this fact on all places.
So,… if you find some time to implement this it would be appreciated .

Yutaka wrote:
By the way, this is not a plug-in feature, but rather an EmEditor core feature.

Yes, sorry, i have just clicked the wrong forum by accident.
Please move it if you want.

Thank you.