YAR! (Yet another Request)

Along with everything mentioned above, the ability to complete multiple tab stops by naming them the same and only typing over one.

Example (since I suck at explaining things):

I have the snippet:

while $var1$ = $answer$ continue
msgbox(“The user answered:” & $answer$)
end while

so when I fire it up (maybe by typing “mywhile” and hitting tab ;) ) I type something like this:
userAnswer -> TAB -> “Forty two” -> TAB

and the string “Forty two” is put in both places where $answer$ is so in the end it looks like:

while userAnswer = “Forty two” continue
msgbox(“The user answered:” & “Forty two” )
end while

Does this make sense? I know I’m asking a lot from this snippet plug in. But it’s a VERY useful feature when doing a lot of repetitive coding… Thanks so much for your input and time!