Yutaka Emura

titieye wrote:

install EmEditor, click Menu – Tools – Export a portable version to a folder,

click Menu – Macros – Customize … Then New a Macro named “InsertSomeWords.jsee” .
(the full path of “InsertSomeWords.jsee” is in “d:MyPortableSoftwareEmEditorMacrosInsertSomeWords.jsee”)

this InsertSomeWords.jsee couldn’t properly display on the macro bar,
when the macro icon clicked, OS will alert

can’t find the file


now in “eeCommon.ini” – [Common] section


so i think the portable EmEditor couldn’t properly deal with this,
maybe it replaces the absolute path with relative path somewhere needn’t.

when comparing with the installed version of EmEditor’s regedit data.
i find the eeCommon.ini file lack of some information of macros in regedit data.

I think this was fixed by beta 13. Please always try the latest version.