Yutaka Emura

I cannot reproduce your problem of Method 1 in Replace dialog. What macro do you use? Please let me know which version of EmEditor and OS you are using. Please email me a sample file and a sample macro so that I can reproduce your problem. Please make your sample macro small enough to use as a test case. Thanks! tech@emurasoft.com

WindBell wrote:
I want to merge all line to make each line end with “]” or “>” or “=”

So I use

Regular Expression

Method 1:
find “([^]=>])n”
then replace with “1 “

Method 2:
find (?])n ( Search every n without a “]” or “>” or “=”
then replace with nothing

Both works well under Find/Replace dialog .

But Method 1
Delete a character before “n” and generate a strange character :

Is it a bug or my fault in writing this script ?