Yutaka Emura

usieber wrote:
I was happy for years with the EmEditor Free V1 but now I would like to use the multiple search highlighting available since V4.

But I hate the new white icon, I want the old ‘brown book’ icon which I saw now for ten years.
I was able to change the icon back in V4 by means of a ressource editor but I failed with all newer version.

So I would like to by EmEditor V4 licences. Is this possible?


Uwe Sieber

I would be happy to see if you buy new licenses. I am not sure why you cannot change icons in newer versions, but maybe because new executable files are digitally signed. You can still buy Version 4 licenses. In fact, no version designation is necessary when you buy licenses. Just make sure to buy whether you want to buy Professional or Standard. You can use the same registration keys for all versions (4, 5, 6, and 7) as long as the edition (Pro or Standard) is the same (except for cracked or illegal keys). However, I would really recommend you to use the latest version of EmEditor even if you don’t like the icons. For shortcut icons, I believe you can change icons from the Shortcut Properties without using resource editors.