Yutaka Emura

opedroso wrote:
Need someway to change the current directory, which seems to be set on save as, but not set on open file dialog or on save.

This happens when I start editing a file on a directory and then have to open and edit a series of files on a different directory. I have to specify the directory over and over for every file being opened.

Opening a file should reset the default directory, or at least, provide a checkbox to allow it to change.

Maybe two current directories? One for SaveAs and another for OpenFile?

opedroso :-)

By default, the Windows OS controls the initial folder when you display Open or Save As dialog boxes. EmEditor doesn’t control these initial folders unless you check “Remember Last Folder” check box in the “Customize” dialog box. It would be helpful if you could let us know what your settings are and which OS you use.