Yutaka Emura

mguttman wrote:
Dear Mr. Emura,
I am currently using ver. 9.07.
There is a small problem when a closing member of a highlighted pair is found in comment text:

# Bracket pair highlighting problem
sub bracket_pair
my ($1, # I have a number of issues:
$2, # 1) See what it pairs with?
$3 # 2) more comments
) = @_;

When you place the cursor at the opening member, the wrong closing member, the one in the comment, is highlighted.
Yes, I know, to fix this EmEditor would have to “know” what “a comment” is, as distinct from other configuration types.
What are you folks out there saying, does it worth a fix???

It seems a bug, but this behaivor was the same as version 8. I don’t remember exactly why this was not fixed. I will make sure this behavior will be fixed by the next major release. Thank you!