Yutaka Emura

kulibin wrote:
I use python script and emeditor to edit it.
If I comment something using “comment”, emeditor inserts “#” at the begining of the line, and outline show unimportant branch.
I tried to change comment symbol to ” #”, but emeditor can’t uncomment after that (and it’s a bad way, because this outline branch will appear on another level).

1. Is there a way to insert a comment symbol not at the beginning of line, but before the first symbol in the line?
2. Or a way to say outline not to branch lines that starts with special symbols (but I like 1. much more).


The Comment command in EmEditor uses comment strings defined in the Hightlight(2) tab of configuration properties. You may customize those properties if you want to use different strings for comments. If you want to insert comments at different places, you might want to write a macro for your specific purpose. The Outline plug-in might need customization. You can change how Outline plug-in interprets nodes and branches from the Outline properties.