Yutaka Emura

Sunfox wrote:
I’ve been trying out numerous text editors in an effort to find one that will meet my needs… so far EmEditor is the closest, but I’ve come across one minor quirk that behaves differently than I would expect, and differently than others I’ve tried.

Say I’m editing a file with 10 lines. I want to copy line 3 and insert it either before or directly after the existing line 3.

Normally I would have the cursor at at the beginning of line 3. I would hold the SHIFT key and press CURSOR DOWN once. This highlights the entire line 3 including the line break, and positions the cursor at the beginning of line 4. Then I need to insert this line either between line 2 and 3, or 3 and 4 (either will work for me).

What I have always done in ordinary Notepad is press CTRL-C, then CURSOR UP once. and then CTRL-V to insert the line. However in EmEditor this results in an unexpected behavior: after pressing CURSOR UP, instead of the cursor being positioned at the beginning of line 3, it is instead positioned at the beginning of line 2. So it has jumped from line 4 to line 2. What I would have expected is that pressing CURSOR UP would result in the cursor moving from the beginning of line 4 to the beginning of line 3, and also remove the selection from line 3. I can only get EmEditor to do that if I hold SHIFT while pressing CURSOR UP.

Since the cursor is visually drawn at the beginning of line 4, I would not expect it to jump to line 2. This is actually very similar behavior to how Wordpad and Word works (treats the selection as a “block”), EXCEPT that both Wordpad and Word do not draw the cursor while you are selecting text, so there’s less expectation as to where it will move to.

Notepad, Notepad2, UltraEdit and PSPad all work as I would expect, so is this a specific design decision on EmEditor’s part to emulate Word?

If so… then man, that’s about the third editor that’s been 99\% perfect except for ONE crucial thing!

EmEditor’s behavior is similar to Visual Studio (C++), and the cursor still blinks. So, Visual Studio’s behavior is a minor behavior? If some people prefer other behaviors, I might need to make it an option. Anyone, other opinions on this topic?