Thanks for answers. But it seems i don’t get it.

Hi Yutaka,
i know i can organize My Macros contents from the
Customize Macros dialog – My Macros tab. Thank you.

My point is that i do not understand why i have to add a macro
to My Macros first, if i just want to add a macro to a menu?

I utilize “Tools > Customize Menu…” and want to add a macro.
But for “Command” i can only chose a macro from My Macros.
So i have to first add my macro to My Macros.
This way i have the macro two times; one time
in My Macros and one time in my menu.

The same suggestion for “Tools > Properties > [Keyboard]”
to assign a keyboard shortcut to a macro.
Why do i have to add a macro first to My Macros?

That is why i asked to utilize a macro even it is
not in My Macros but directly from folder.

1.) The My Macros list is not filled with unwanted items.
2.) I save an step for adding a macro to an menu or assign an hotkey.

YE> I need to keep all compatibilities between old and new versions,

OK, i understand that.
But just an additional “Select Macro from folder…” item
in the dialogs can not be that evil?
Or would it break that much the concept?

Or can we organize macros in sub-folders?
So that the sub folders are shown in the My Macro menu too?