Thank you Yutaka-san,

I have tried the 7.5alpha 11,

But it still cannot work.Could you help me to find the reason?

I set the TagJump with this:
1 filename 2 lineno

I use the codes below as a test:
void main()
test error happen

and save it as test2.cpp

then I use gcc from the external tool bar to compile it.
the Setting is
Argument:/k C:MinGWbingcc.exe $(Filename).$(Ext) -o $(Filename).exe && $(Filename).exe
Initial Dir:$(Dir)

The Output windows look like this:
test2.cpp:2: error: `main’ must return `int’
test2.cpp: In function `int main(…)’:
test2.cpp:3: error: `test’ was not declared in this scope
test2.cpp:3: error: expected `;’ before “error”