Yutaka Emura

PaperPlate wrote:
This is actually part of a larger “project” to addon on to the FindAll.jsee in the macro section (mighty nice little macro). What I’m trying to do is after doing a FindAll allowing editing of the new file instance.

So if you were to do a find all on “if” for example, yo would see every line with an “if” in it. Then the user could edit that new tabbed file and run another macro to drop the changes they made back in. So if you only edited one line, say line 200, it would compare, then dump that new line in since it was a change.

The only way I see to do this in EmEditor (I only started working with EmEditor macros this week*) is to save the file generated by the FindAll macro, then compare that file, using the tags as references) to the original file. But I would want to delete that saved file after so as not to clutter the current directory.

Another possibility would be to just save to a dump “log” folder and use that as your point of reference, and then not worry about deleting.

So is this possible at all? Could I create a macro to run on the FindAll (after its saved since I’m pretty sure you couldn’t run on the non saved file since its not saved, or could you?).

*EmEditor is a great tool, thank you for it!

I am not exactly sure what you would like to do, but does FindAll.jsee mean FindAll.vbee at http://www.emeditor.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=8&lid=172 ?

You might also want to try “Replace in Files” feature of EmEditor (on the Search menu). You can also try “Search” plug-in of EmEditor.