Yutaka Emura

bayaryn wrote:
I use Emeditor for some years especially for editing texts in Devanagari script. There are no other software which allows to search and edit Devanagari text in so many ways. So 1. I want to express my respect and greatefulness to the author of this Software. And 2. There is 1 problem in representing of Devanagari script in Emeditor. It is a syllabic script and letters are combined in ligatures – and in Emeditor it is represented correctly but after every word there many spaces (in the place of signs combined in ligature). For example (ह्रस्वो नपुंसके प्रातिपदिकस्य १।२।४७) I think it is not very difficult for You to correct this problem. It will be very convenient to see Devanagari script correctly and to have all possibilities to edit search and replace Devanagari text in Emeditor. Thank You. With best Regards, Mihail Bayaryn, Sanskrit teacher.

I received you message also by email. It is not very easy to adjust the spaces between words. However, I might correct this behavior in future versions. Thank you!