Yutaka Emura

lucifuge wrote:
I am editing ebooks that have been transferred from one format to another. The problem being that alot of the sentences have been broken during the transfer. I have alot of them that have a new line and three spaces where they should not be. IE:
He affixed the gleaming medal to his breastplate and,
reaching once more within the box, withdrew a green
disc inlaid with golden filigree.

I need to clean this up. Remove the three spaces and return them to one line with the proper spacing in between.

So if someone could help me out by regex in finding three spaces with a lower case letter and deleting two spaces and the paragraph line it would be nice.

Luci Fuge’

OK. Been playing a bit. What I have now seems to almost get me there but wont tell the difference between a uppercase letter or a lowercase letter.

To remove new lines:
Select All by pressing CTRL + A, and then right click, and then select “Convert Selection” > “Join Lines”.

I don’t know where three spaces are in your example. If you just want to replace three spaces with one space, use the Replace command (CTRL + H).