Hi qjunkim,

No problem, I am glad people are using it and I think EmEditor is a great program that can be a great editor for R.

Anyway, I have completely redesigned the macro, and increased it’s performance and functionality, and also put it up on github, you can get a new copy of it here: The R Macro at github. I haven’t written any documentation for it yet, but it is mostly intuitive, I will try to over the next couple of days.

There are now two files, thermacro.jsee, and thermacrofunctions.jsee. You’ll need to download both files, but only add “thermacro.jsee” to emeditor. You’ll need to alter two paths in the thermacro.jsee (like the old macro)

One for the icon (first line in macro)
#icon = “C:Program FilesRR-2.11.0binR.exe”,0

and one for the r executable directory

rbin = ‘C:Program FilesRR-2.11.0bin’ //full path to r bin directory

New features:
Autostart R (minor bug with rgui at the moment though)
Many basic R commands, including loading files and plots

future things:
integrate more using rcom

If you would like other things included, just let me know.

– Mark