Yutaka Emura

daiy wrote:
I’m using version 6 of emeditor.

I understand there’s a backup feature that I can use. When I select backup (Properties for current configuration > Backup) and select “Save backups to backup folder” and “Rename if same file name exists”, I’d like to know the frequency of backup, that is, how often or when is the backup done.

So far I can’t find any particular pattern when backup is saved to the folder. Sometimes when I change tabs, the file is saved (and renamed) to the folder, but sometimes this is NOT happening.

I’ve searched the FAQ and help and so on, but I can’t find an answer to this very basic question. All they do is tell me what the buttons do, without telling me the more important info: under what circumstances are new backups created.

Could you please enlighten me emeditor’s approach to doing auto backup?


I think you are looking for Auto Save tab intead of Backup. By the way, I don’t know why you are still using Version 6 of EmEditor. The upgrades to Version 8 are free for all EmEditor Professional users!