Yutaka Emura

nuser wrote:
Hi, all,
I want to add a new configuration to view .nfo files and I want to use OEM font category for this.
However, everytime I reopen nfo file, emeditor always revert to the default font category (not oem font category).
How to force emeditor to remember the font category for this configuration?
btw, what’s the relationship between ‘all configurations’ and ‘current configuration’ setting?
Does ‘current configuration’ override ‘all configurations”?
thanks in advance.

First you should create OEM encoding (from Define Encodings dialog box), and select OEM/DOS font as the Font Category for that encoding.
Create NFO configuration, select “OEM encoding” you created from the Opening Encoding in the File tab of the NFO configuration properties, and associate .nfo for that configuration. Then you should see OEM/DOS font will be selected when you open .nfo files. Which version of EmEditor are you using?

Both “Properties for All Configurations” and “Properties for Current Configuration” can override each other. Both are shortcuts if you select Properties for “Define Configurations” dialog box.