Yutaka Emura

urlwolf wrote:

I admire emEditor, a lot, so please don’t take this wrong…
I think that progress (in terms of implementing new features here) is really slow.
We saw changes from 8.01 – 8.05 and they are just small bug fixes. This comprehensive list is virtually untouched.

EmEditor has a strong competition in editors that have huge communities behind and very responsive devs.

Do you plan to release a good chuck of features from this list in a (major) update?

I don’t want you to misunderstand this. Minor updates are only for bug fixes only. This is because adding features in minor updates can cause another bug and I want to avoid that kind of risks. It is also because translation (language pack development) will become difficult if new features are added constantly within minor updates). Please join our v9 testing. I am adding many new features to v9, for instance, snippets and other auto-complete features!