Feature requests to add to the list:

1) Multiple disjoint text selections and simultaneous editing of all selections: It is already possible to select a column and then edit all rows simultaneously. However, things are not always arranged nicely in columns, and often it is handy to be able to make multiple disjoint selections and then edit them simultaneously. It should be possible to make multiple selections with the mouse (i suggest holding CTRL while making a new selection adds the selection to the existing set of selections), but also using the keyboard (normally holding SHIFT and using the arrow keys makes a new selection. Holding CTRL+SHIFT while using the arrow keys should add the new selection to the existing set of selections).

2) Add “Find in files in this folder” to Right-click menu in explorer plug-in: It should open the Find in Files dialog and automatically fill out the “in folder” input box with the selected folder path.

3) Fallback to “Save As…” if “Save” is unavailable (because it is a new unsaved document).

4) Integration of Perforce version control.