I would like to recommend a few new features.
1. Another convenient way to select a block of text instead of pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F8: Hold the right mouse button and drag a box.
2. Add a REPEAT command which ask the user to input an integer n followed by a keystroke, then repeat that keystroke for n times automatically.
3. A display option to show the end mark of the current line, not every line.
4. SHIFT+TAB deindent the current line if no text is selected and the cursor is at the 1st non-space character.
5. A more flexible indent/deindent algorithm. In C++ configuration, the editor indents when seeing a ‘{‘ and deindents automatically when seeing a ‘}’. I wish EE can generalized this to any defined keyword pairs like begin/end, if/endif, select/endselect… to support more languages.
6. Extend parentheses/brackets and outline plug-in to support unlimited keyword pairs (begin/end, if/endif, module/endmodule, case/endcase….)