For consistency, someone should maintain the features implemented in emeditor 9 alpha. I can start.

– Auto close brackets, commas, etc. is done
– Multiline snippets organized into folders with ability to quickly insert them into text.
– Keyboard shortcuts to snippets.
– Snippets should be stored in plain files to allow easy snippet import-export between PCs.
– highlight current file in plug-in bar
Snippets plug-in: allow to name the snippet.
– Snippets plug-in: assign a command to type and i.e. type: ifstate -> TAB. Have the snippet put the entire snippet in, with $con1$ already highlighted.
– Snippets plug-in: the ability to complete multiple tab stops by naming them the same and only typing over one.

NOTE: this list may not be exhaustive. Mod please add/remove :)
NOTE2: there are new features not in this list ! Would be nice to have them here so people know they are coming.

I’m very intrigued by filters. Now we can not only output to STDOUT, but also get things into STDIN. does this mean we can have interactive python sessions inside emeditor? That’d be killer.

Also, we can use a formater (your example is htmltidy). Which other formatters do you know that are more language-general?