Yutaka Emura

blackhawk wrote:

It didn’t seem to fill in the parameters. Did I miss something?
You will need to enter parameter values as described in the above screenshots.

I never was prompted for any values. I even tried your example, and it did not work either. Should I have uninstalled before installing? It does say version 7.00.3.

Please make sure a backshash is not escaped by another backslash. For instance, if you want to enter {x}, you should not enter {x}. If you drag and drop the sample text above, the plug-in automatically escapes a backslash with another backslash.

Can we apply a name to the snippets rather than use the text?
I am not sure what this means. Can you please clarify this?

Sorry for not being clear. Instead of the Snippet showing “//Title : {Title}n” in the Snippet window, it would show “C# Program Header”, or “ASP Comment Block”, “HTML Table Block” etc. Basically be able to name the snippets.

Does this help?

OK. Thanks for your clarification.