Yutaka Emura

noespam wrote:
AWESOME! I have been using a combination of EmEditor and another editor with Textmate-like snippets. That other editor never felt like a lightweight text editor. Can we invoke command line utilities and capture STDOUT and STDERR to replace entire buffer or selection? I see RubyScript support, but would prefer to use the ruby + rubygems installed on my system.

Thanks for your comments. I will improve the Shellcode specification to include your suggestions. The shellcode of the current version in the form of `#cmd …` can replace the selection with STDOUT and STDERR, but I am aware that it might not work as you expect. I will make sure the next versions will include greater support for such utilities.

If you would like, you are welcome to email me your detailed suggestions and samples at tech@emurasoft.com to help me develop more complete support for such utilities and Ruby + Rubygems.