I tested my reports from an earlier beta in this version (beta 11) and found the following:

My Makefile configuration mask (“Makefile*”) is now displayed in the Open/Save dialog twice, so that the entry looks like:

Makefile (Makefile*) (Makefile*)

Quick Launch columns are now saved, confirm. Thanks for fixing it!

Now Ctrl+click+drag indeed selects by words, but only the first time. If there is already some selection, Ctrl+click+drag still selects by characters.

Seems to be fixed.

In addition, I found one more problem.
a) Select a line including its terminating newline character (e.g. by clicking on the left border containing the line numbers) and copy it to the clipboard.
b) Now make multi-selection with several such “complete” lines (each including the newline).
c) Press Ctrl+V.
Result: The newlines are lost, and all the selected lines become merged with the following lines.