That’s cool Yukata, I’ve just seen there are several beta versions out, and I had a look on the new features. Oh, it really make me excited!!!. Of course I have to try those new features right now!!!

I will have a try on each of the new feature one-by-one :)

I’m really sure, this BIG change including will make my life and others much much more convenient.

This one BIG change, is not the April’s fool joke, is it?

Joking!! :-D :-D


And you even minimize the size of the EE files even more on every release it seems

I also just noticed one thing, and I don’t know why because normally I usually see the x32 edition of others software will have the Smaller size than x64 edition for the same version of software, BUT why Emeditor’s edition (x32 & x64) sizes are just opposite.

I mean for the Emeditor, x32 edition has a size bigger than x64 edition? could you please tell me why is that?

It’s time for me to try out the beta now :)

Thanks again!!!!!