Yutaka Emura

Hello Stefan,

I am afraid you are misunderstanding. In this version (v13), I have added so many features of your request! For instance, the new options in the Numbering dialog box is one of many features you had requested.

Please understand that I won’t be able to satisfy all the customers’ request in a limited time. Besides, many customers want stability and robustness, rather than the feature-rich program. The more features we added, larger and more bloated the program becomes. It would become much more difficult to maintain if the program became bigger and bloated. If I added all the features of all the customers’ request, the program would certainly become too bloated. I believe I have to choose which features I should add.

Nevertheless, I might add a few more features of your request unless the translation is involved. If not in v13, I might add in future versions.

Some responses to your feature request:

** Display result of “Find All” in current file to output bar.

–> You can use the “Find in Files” and search only the current file with the Use Output Bar option. Alternatively, you can use the Search plug-in.

** Improvement of the zero-wide selection edit mode.
(Move selection line, delete left and right)

You can use a combination of the Switch Starting Point and Ending Point (SHIFT + F8) and SHIFT + RIGHT/LEFT to adjust the selection.

** Navigation: GoBack/GoForward in edit history.

–> Back and Forward commands are already included in EmEditor. You can display these commands as the Toolbar, and also you can use the default shortcut keys (ALT + LEFT and ALT + RIGHT).

** The $(AppDir), $(AppDrive), and $(Clipboard) parameters as ${} snippets equivalent.

–> I have already added this feature per your request if it means the External Tool properties.

** Edit > Advanced > Insert at Start/End of lines

–> You can select Edit > Selection Mode > Select Beginning/End of Lines, and then type text. This feature was added per your request.

** Updating the help with better explanations and examples.

–> I will certainly add more explanations and examples to the Help.

** Macros


–> These can be done by a combination of JavaScript built-in classes and string manipulations.

document.SaveAs( [ strNEWName ] );

–> What is the difference between document.Save and document.SaveAs?

Thanks always for your support and understanding!