I will answer here nevertheless on some topics to keep this together.
If more info is needed I will answer in the related post. Fine?

** Display result of “Find All” in current file to output bar.

YE –> You can use the “Find in Files” and search only the current file with the Use Output Bar option.

Sorry, I don’t know how to do this.

YE –> Alternatively, you can use the Search plug-in.

The search plugin would be fine perhaps, but
a) it searches in all open documents and
b) flickers while switching from doc to doc.

– – –

** Improvement of the zero-wide selection edit mode.
As this is a little bit more complex, I will answer in the related thread.

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** The $(AppDir), $(AppDrive), and $(Clipboard) parameters as ${} snippets equivalent.

YE –> I have already added this feature per your request if it means the External Tool properties.

That works fine for the external tools, but is missing at snippets plugin.

– – –

** Edit > Advanced > Insert at Start/End of lines

YE –> You can select Edit > Selection Mode > Select Beginning/End of Lines, and then type text.
This feature was added per your request.

Thank you very much!
I guess I should read the history too and not only the “announce new features” web page?

EmEditor Home – EmEditor Help – Command Reference – Edit > Select Beginning of Lines command

I have now added shortcuts to this commands, and it works very well.
Ctrl+Alt+S(tart of line)
Ctrl+Alt+E(nd of line)

This is a no-GUI implementation, and so there is no history of last inserts.
But it works, good idea this way too, well done. Thanks.

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