Hi Yutaka,

if you think it is bloat and not necessary, it is fine for me too.

I only want to make suggestions to make working with EmEditor easier.

As for example with the JavaScript date object,
the user have to have programming skills or search
the net to see how to accomplish to get an simple date or time.

I on my own know enough to help myself.

– – –

Same for


– – –

And document.SaveAs() was meant as a way to save current open document
under a new name (from script, without any dialog)
while keeping current doc with current name still open.

document.SaveAs( [ strNEWName ] );

OK, not really needed, but for convenience only.

– – –

Perhaps an alternative would be to cover some of this as information only in the help?

(If I can support you here… just contact me by mail please)

On the other hand, having dedicated macro objects for that
would help to provide scripting code with fewer lines
instead of having the need to write the needed helper functions too.

– – –

I want to explain more of my suggestions but don’t know if that would be to much now?

If I can help you in any way, please let me know!

Thank you.