Yutaka Emura

I have 1 million line US-ASCII text (80.9MB), and the content is:


I replaced “abc” with “XXXXXXXXXX”. That means there are 2 tokens in each line to replace when case matching, or 3 tokens when no case matching, total of 2 (or 3 ) million tokens in the entire file. The host is Windows XP SP2 (English) in Virtual PC 2007 (within Windows Vista 64-bit Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 8GB RAM). All software programs are freshly installed.

Here is my result:

Textpad 5.2.0 32-bit
No case matching: 34 sec
Match case: 22 sec

Notepad++ 4.7.5
No case matching: 10 min 3 sec
Match case: 6 min 32 sec

EmEditor Professional 7.00.5
No case matching: 9 sec
Match case: 5 sec

Thus, EmEditor Professional was the fastest of all these three. I also found something noteworthy: Only EmEditor allows you to cancel replacing during the operation. Other programs do not allow you to abort once you hit “Replace All” until the operation is finished. TextPad does not allow you open Unicode files (such as Japanese characters) correctly (it opens but converts Unicode characters into a substitute character “?”). I wanted to compare Unicode files, but couldn’t because of this.

I don’t know why you have the different result. Maybe because you have only a few tokens to replace, or your file might be encoded in a different encoding. This is the reason it would be more helpful if you could email me your sample file so I can reproduce your issue. Is your Windows system encoding English? (You can find out from Control Panel > Regional Language Options > Advanced tab – “Language for non-Unicode programs”)