Yutaka Emura

> could some commands output show in the output box such as dos command?

Beginning of v9, you can use the Output Bar for DOS command. By default, the External Tool includes Command Prompt tool. In the Command Prompt Properties, check “Use Output Bar”, and then you will see the command prompt box appears as the Output Bar. It is not exactly the same as Command Prompt window, so for example, it doesn’t support UP and DOWN arrows like the real Command Prompt window, and you will need to close the Output Bar manually when you finish using it (EXIT command will not close the Output Bar automatically).

> I know there is a function to position the plugin bar on the left,right,top bottom, but i find there is still no enough space to fill up plugins. I suggest it can increase the plugin position for example left up,left bottom.

I didn’t try to add the feature to stack multiple Custom Bars to one side. This will cause much increase of the file size. However, in the future, I might consider it again.

> At last, i find the new version is not compatible with vi plugin. The emeditor always close accidently

I assume you are talking about EmVi plug-in. I saw the author of this plugin release newer versions http://emvi.tistory.com/ . You might want to try the newest version of EmVi plugin if you haven’t. I will try it by myself when I have a time. Thank you!