Yutaka Emura

First, I’d like to see repeating macros that have the option to (1) go to the end of the file and (2) run through a selection.

It is not easy but you can write a macro to run only within the selection.

Second, I’d like to have the abilty to sort lines.

There are plug-ins. Also, version 9 will support Sort commands within EmEditor core.

Third, I’d like Em Editor to include a “proper title” capitalization case (where words such as “the,” “from,” “for,” and “as” are not capitalized).

EmEditor doesn’t automatically correct capitalization. EmEditor is not a word processor. However, you can select a word and select the Capitalize command.

Finally, I’d like the option for searches to extend the selection.

You can press F8 before searching to extend the selection.