Posted on: 4/17/2013 1:12 am
EmEditor Professional v13 beta (12.9.0) released!

“Skip Empty Lines” and
“Restart Numbering after Empty Lines” check boxes
were added to the “Insert Numbering” dialog box

Work as wanted, thanks.

For them who don’t know how to use:
– do an zero-width selection in front or at the end (or even in the middle)
of the lines you want to add numbers on.
(e.g.: hold Alt-key, press left mouse-key and draw a tiny line down)

– press At+N to open the “Insert Numbering” dialog box,
made your settings and click at OK, the numbers are inserted.

Extra tip: you can even enter leading zeros
into the ‘First Line’ field >>> [ 001 ]

You may want to add additional signs like ‘.) ‘ after the numbers?
Then just do that after the insertion,
but while still in selection mode. Just type it!

Or do an another zero-width selection and add the signs at an second step.
(you will have to remove this additional signs from
the beforehand empty lines in between, if any, though)