My options are:

– Discard
– Replace Selection
– Replace Document
– Insert before Selection
– Insert after Selection
– Show as Tool Tip
– Create New Document

Discard appears to discard it after printing it.
I haven’t figured out where Show as Tool Tip goes to.
The others all involve a document.

I would like to suggest is these options:

– Discard (Don’t even write to the output bar – don’t even bring up the output bar if it’s not shown)
– Replace Selection (no output bar use)
– Replace Document (no output bar use)
– Insert before Selection (no output bar use)
– Insert after Selection (no output bar use)
– Show as Tool Tip (not sure on this)
– Create New Document (no output bar use)
– Display as Output Bar (write to the output bar and leave it there)

With those choices it may make sense to remove the Use Output Bar checkbox as it’s implied by the option chosen.

That second list is actually the list of options from the Standard Error drop down. There is no Display as Output Bar option in the Output drop down.