Yutaka Emura

urlwolf wrote:

Again, I reiterate my congratulations, emEditor is great.

After using it for a while, here are some of my Feature requests. Some come from IDEs, so having this in an editor would be a first.
Fold comments (visible with hoover)
Autohighlight word at cursor after 200 miliseconds
Line to separate functions (see how intelliJ IDEA does it)
Go to error in output bar by clicking on the line number
Select paragraph (scope). In vim, while in normal mode you do: vip
Format code (pretty formatting); most editors do this, why not emEditor? (example vim: select code, press = ).
For python: See docstrings on project plugin when one hoovers over a function


Thanks for your comments!

You can double-click (not single-click) a line number in the Output Bar to go to the error position.

When you said “Autohighlight”, do you mean select that word, or highlight with your favorite color?

EmEditor itself does not include features like formatting codes. These tasks should be carried out by external tools to keep EmEditor lightweight.
To format HTML code, you may want to run an external tool to call HTMLTidy, for instance. See:
for a screenshot.