Yutaka Emura

hamptonk wrote:
i’m writing some perl scripts to convert old sgml in western format to xml files in utf-8 format

some of my perl scripts need to be in western so that when i open the western encoded file, i can do search and replace on characters.
for example fancy quotes
i’ll convert those quotes to something like ’ or ”

some of my perl scripts need to have utf-8 characters in the scripts and then i’ll search and replace ” with the actual fancy quotes.

my problem is that if i open a pl file that is western encoded and then edit and save it, it saves it as utf-8

i’d like for the program to leave the file encoding alone so that some pl files stay western and some stay utf-8

is there a way to do that?

In the Configuration Properties, go to the File tab, click the Saving button, and in the Save Details dialog box, please make sure “Configured Encoding” is selected in the Encoding drop-down list. Then EmEditor should save a file with the same encoding as it opens.